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Stephanie Davis claims Jeremy McConnell threw phone charger at her HEAD in shocking TV interview

The former Hollyoaks star was holding their son Caben at the time


Stephanie Davis has claimed that Jeremy McConnell once threw a phone charger at her head as she held their baby son Caben.

In a shocking new interview on ITV’s Lorraine, the 24-year-old spoke about her toxic relationship with the disgraced Irish reality star.

“It would start off with little things, like, he’d throw the charger at my head while I had hold of him [Caben]. Little things, then it progressed,” she told Lorraine.

“There was lots of stuff I could go into but I don’t feel I need to stoop to that level because I’ve moved on. I’m happy. He’s obviously not well at the moment. I hope he gets the help he needs.”

During the interview, Stephanie accused Jeremy of always pinning the blame on her, and claimed that he “doesn’t care” about their baby boy, Caben-Albi.

“What I’ve got to accept is, you can’t argue with someone like that he’ll always argue it’s right. If he killed me he’d say it was my fault.”

“I’ve never stopped him from seeing Caben. I was saying the other day he doesn’t pay a penny towards him. He doesn’t care. He used him for fame on his first birthday because he’s running out of fame.”

Stephanie and Jeremy met inside the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2016, and speaking about the show, Steph said, “It was the wrong thing. I don’t regret it because I’ve got Caben. I was so young I was just getting to know myself. Looking back if I did it now it would be completely different.”

“I knew it was wrong. I think it’s the whole of the environment. People like that with narcissistic traits, they give you the image you want to see. Quickly things started to change and it was quickly a downward spiral. I kept staying with him because I wanted that person who was in the house.”


“My self worth was on the floor. You feel like you’re nothing without that person. I didn’t think I was gonna make his first birthday. I said to my life coach I couldn’t see myself getting to Christmas. I can’t believe I ever got to that point.”

Stephanie appeared on Lorraine after it was reported that she had begged Jeremy to visit her home and claimed that she still loved him in a string of emails.

The messages, which were obtained by The Sun Online, revealed how Steph contacted Jeremy repeatedly before and after he was sentenced for attacking her in August 2017.

However, Stephanie has since told Lorraine that she only got in touch because Jeremy had been harassing her.

Jeremy was slapped with a three year restraining order on 11 August 2017 when he was sentenced for attacking Stephanie early last year.

Tim Edwards/WENN.com

A friend of Jeremy, who handed over the emails and messages from Steph, said, “Steph made out she’s never been in touch with Jeremy but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“She’s repeatedly approached him and begged him to visit her. Steph even said his late mother Val had told her to tell him to come to her house. It’s sick.

“Jeremy wanted a clean break and after the court case in August he thought it would be over for good. But it was only the beginning.”

Jeremy replied to three of Steph’s messages, which is a breach of his restraining order.

His friend continued, “He clearly told her he couldn’t come to her home and asked her if she had been drinking in the messages he sent back. In another he said he was sorting out money for Caben.”

Credit: Instagram @jeremymcconnellcooke

“Jeremy knows he could go back to jail for sending those emails. But he felt he had to reply because he was worried.”

The emails start in July 2017, after Steph and Jeremy broke up for the final time, but increased not long before Stephanie went to rehab for alcoholism in November.

On November 8, Stephanie sent Jeremy 16 emails in a 24 hour period, and one message read, “It’s me contacting you if that gives you piece of mind. Look Jezz, I love you always.”

Another email, which included her home address, said, “Your family loves you. Your son loves you. Your future wife loves you. Just make the move so we know you care.”

On 9 November, Steph sent another message which included her mobile phone number and said, “Answer me, I love you. If you love me, call me.”

“F**k this I’ve tried and tried. You don’t give a f**k. You can’t even make a phone call to the mother of your child. Have it your way then cos it’s clear you don’t want to speak to me or have your family,” the message continued.

“I will always love you. You don’t give a shit about what we had. I love you always will. It pains me to see you hurting. I miss you. I really thought you were my one.”

Stephanie also left six voicemails on Jeremy’s friend’s phone demanding that they allow Jeremy to call her, despite knowing it could see him sent back to prison.

She also allegedly mocked Jeremy’s friend for being homosexual, and teased him about never being able to get “Jeremy’s c**k”.

It’s alleged that Steph also contacted one of Jeremy’s relatives on Instagram begging them to get Jeremy to call her.

Since Stephanie left rehab on January 12, she has not contacted Jeremy or his friends or family members.

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