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Spotlight On: Slaney Power

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For this week’s Spotlight On feature we’re focusing on Irish singer Slaney Power.

As well as being a talented actress on stage and screen, the Dublin-based musician has honed her song writing and composing skills to create brand new music, inspired by positivity and the beauty of life.

Slaney released her second single, Lucky To Be Alive, on Friday June 28th, and we caught up with the musician to find out more about her musical motivations, and where she finds the inspiration for her distinctive brand of alternative artistry.

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1. How did you first become interested in music and singing?

Music has always been a big part of my life growing up. My Dad, Niall Power has been a professional drummer on the Irish and international circuit working with artists such as Bob Geldof and Westlife.

Hearing his stories of being on the road has always inspired me. I started writing with my Mum, Shelly Power last year and released my first single ‘Recharge my Soul’ which we wrote together. So growing up with musical parents definitely sparked up an interest in following a creative path.When I finished school I went and studied at The Irish College of Music Theatre in Dublin, where I studied singing, acting and dancing.  This was a great experience being able to explore your voice and hone your craft.

I started recording with Michael Hopkins who produced ‘Recharge my Soul’ We started writing together in January which has been amazing as we have discovered a very special writing partnership together.

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2. What are the inspirations behind your music?

I have always been into more old-school music. The likes of Stevie Wonder, Hall and Oates, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac to Carole King and Joni Mitchell. I’ve always been able to relate to older music.

3. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as happy, feel good tropical pop. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to go on a holiday and dance on the beach. I want to make music that makes people smile and feel good about themselves.

4. You have just released your second single Lucky To be Alive – what can listeners expect from this single?

‘Lucky to Be Alive’ is the first song Michael and I wrote together so the sound has changed from my first single Recharge My Soul. It has very tropical feel to it, the beat has an African Caribbean flavour and it just makes you want to dance. Lyrically it’s a song about finding light during dark times and staying positive no matter what.

5. What life experiences or issues motivate your song writing?

I find everything inspiring, life is so beautiful and when you look around it’s easy to find inspiration. Michael and I have so many new songs in the making, they are flowing out of us so fast we can’t keep up. We always seem to inspire each other and work so well together.

6. What are the biggest challenges for you when it comes to your music?

I love making music and the whole creative process, it’s just so much fun. We always know that we’re onto something when we’re dancing around the studio listening back.

The biggest challenges is getting your music heard and played. There are so many new releases everyday so you need to work really hard on promoting yourself if you want to stand out. But most importantly I think you have to make music for you. And if people discover it and it makes them smile then it’s just the cherry on top.

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7. What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to keep writing more music with Michael and to release as many songs and we can. I think it’s important to get them out to the world while they are fresh and you’re loving them.

We’re working on lots of new material that I can’t wait to release. The next step is to get a band together and start gigging which I’m super excited about. Playing these songs live is going to be such a party.

Slaney’s music is available on  Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube. 

Follow her on Instagram at @slaneypower.

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