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Spencer Matthews praises Vogue Williams for ‘steering’ him towards sobriety

The reality star has admitted he used to drink "excessively"


Spencer Matthews has praised his wife Vogue Williams for helping “steer” him towards sobriety.

The couple started dating back in 2017, and the former Made In Chelsea star has since changed his life dramatically.

Appearing on Ireland AM to chat about his company Clean Liquor, Spencer opened up about his journey to sobriety.

“I realised that my excessive drinking, which had just been a normal part of my life living in a city and being in entertainment and before that being a foreign financial broker, it was always a normal part of my life, but I realised that habit had become quite unhealthy and very difficult to maintain,” he said.

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“It was very detrimental to my health, my thought process, my creativity and my work drive.”

Spencer then credited Vogue for pushing him in the right direction.

He explained: “Best thing I have ever done with my life is marry a fantastic Irish woman who was able to steer me very gently and kindly onto greener pastures.

“She’s wonderful, the best mother in the world and I couldn’t feel luckier.”

Spencer and Vogue tied the knot in 2018, and are parents to their almost 2-year-old son Theodore, and their newborn daughter Gigi.

Speaking about their new arrival, Spencer admitted they haven’t been “getting too much sleep” since the birth of their daughter.

“She’s wonderful, obviously I won’t be that English person to winge about the heat, love the heat, but it’s quite hard at night with the new baby so we’re not getting too much sleep,” he confessed.

“But otherwise it’s great and having a new addition to the family, Vogue and I hope to have a large family.”