Sonya Lennon reveals Brendan Courtney ‘split the difference’ when RTÉ paid her less than him

The long-time pals wanted to be paid equally


Sonya Lennon has revealed that she was paid less than Brendan Courtney back when they co-hosted RTE’s Off The Rails.

Back in 2008, the Lennon Courtney designers presented the show for RTÉ – but they weren’t paid equally.

Fashionista Sonya “flagged it” with bosses, and the pals insisted that they wanted to be paid the same.

Speaking to the Herald, Sonya said, “I was very lucky that I was working with a man who really valued equality in all ways and set the record straight and levelled the playing field for us.”


“Brendan said, ‘I will split the difference’, and that’s what happened.”

As there’s more conversation surrounding the gender pay gap, Sonya hopes that men will make sure that their female co-workers are being paid fairly.

“The world is made up of men who understand that this is wrong and men who don’t understand that it’s wrong. I think it’s about lobbying with the men who do understand it and work together.

“Our job is to support women in the work place so they can support themselves in the work place and be economically independent.

“If they’re entering the work place not equal, it can be very hard for them to have the confidence to succeed. We are levelling that playing pitch now,” she said.

The news comes after it was revealed over the summer that Bryan Dobson was earning up to €80,000 more than his Six One News co-host Sharon Ní Bheolain.
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