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Sixth celebrity eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

The ninth week of Dancing With The Stars saw Alannah Beirne eliminated.

The Naas model’s run came to a close after a seriously sexy samba to Zara Larsson’s Lush Life.

She faced off against Erin McGregor in the dance off, the third dance each of the celebrities had performed that night!


Of Alannah’s first performance Lorraine said, “for me this really felt like a party samba…you really became free…I loved it…it was a super samba.”

Julian added “this was a sultry, spicy samba… were channeling your inner Sasha Fierce…you were on fire…….the electricity between the two of you sparked off the floor…it suited your personality as well….overall it was a sizzling samba for me”.

Brian concluded by saying “well Alannah often people struggle with this dance… there’s two ingredients we look for in the samba the bounce and the fluid hip action and tonight you gave us both of them in spades…”

Alannah has repeatedly been told by the judges that the faults they pointed out are things they would say to professionals.

Vitali said he hopes he has a friend for life in his dance partner.

All three judges voted to keep Erin McGregor and Ryan McShane.

Alannah joined the competition late after Aoife Walsh broke her toe.


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