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Sinead O’Connor slams rumours about her health

The singer made sure to set the record straight


Sinead O’Connor has slammed rumours that she and her son have the Coronavirus.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal she had seen “stories” suggesting she and her child were suffering from COVID-19.

“Apparently there are some stories going about suggesting myself and or my son have the virus,” she wrote on the social media platform.

“If so they are false. We don’t. As I Said weeks ago. We are well and thriving and #StayingHome,” she added.

The statement comes after Sinead, 53, said she wish she had completed a health care course, so she could be helping in the fight against the Coronavirus.

“Two years ago I almost got to college to take a one year course to train to be a health care assistant,” she revealed.

“Some s*** got in the way and I didn’t make it but I wish I had as I could be out there helping people now. So I’m gonna do it in 2021 when shows are finished,” she admitted.

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