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Sinead O'Connor asks fans to help her find a new home for her cats

Musician Sinead O’Connor has called out to fans to help find a new home for her pet cats Rabbi and Mr Hankey.

The famed singer, who has previously documented her sons medical issues, revealed she has to move home to accommodate his condition – leaving her to find Rabbi a new owner.

“My son’s medical condition necessitates we move house in the next fortnight,” she wrote.


New home: Sinead is looking for a new home for her cat Rabbi | FACEBOOK

“My beloved cat, Rabbi can’t come as we are renting and animals are not allowed.

“Besides which we will be in the city centre and she’d be dead if she escaped,” she shared on her Facebook page.

“She is a very nervous little creature (she’s the runt) and likes a lot of snuggling and attention.

Sinead O'Connor seen at Trinity College Debate

Helping hand: Sinead is asking fans to help house her pet house | VIPIRELAND.COM

“She would be best suited to someone who is literally mental when it comes to spoiling cats and loving them up,” she added.

“Perhaps a young child or a very old person. Pls share . This animal is very special to me and is my heart. So someone very special is all who can have her….”.

But it’s not just Rabbi, Sinead also asked fans to find a home for her other cat Mr Hanky.

sinead cat

Looking for a home: Mr Hanky needs a place too | FACEBOOK

“This other cat of mine, Mr Hankey also needs homing due to our house move,” she wrote.

“He is the brother of Rabbi but not at all nervous. In fact the opposite. Very caring and compassionate , protective and independent.

“Likes a good snuggle maybe twice a week. Rest of the time he’s jus’ cruisin’ around checkin’ out the ladies… He’s neutered though. (So is Rabbi) so worry not. But he does eat like a hog.”


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