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Sile Seoige SLAMS Newstalk over treatment of female presenters – amid George Hook’s suspension

The presenter previously worked at the station for three years


Sile Seoige has slammed Newstalk over their treatment of female presenters, amid George Hook’s suspension earlier this week.

The Galway native, who fronted a Saturday morning show at the station for over three years, claimed that the station confined their women presenters to “weekend” or “graveyard” shifts.

The presenter made the comments while weighing in on George Hook’s suspension, after he made controversial comments about rape live on air.

Taking to Twitter, Sile wrote, “While I don’t agree with (what seems like) a George Hook witch hunt, I agree that wast he said was ignorant, irresponsible and damaging.”

“As a broadcaster he should know better and today Newstalk FINALLY mad the correct decision to take him off the air…for now.”

“But of course there’s another issue for Newstalk (its not the only radio station guilty of this) female voices are few and far between with the majority being given weekend slots over midweek, as I was.”

“And many of those over the years have been either swapped to a graveyard slot over time or given the door for reasons unrelated to talent or popularity.

“When my Saturday show wrapped up I was up another 10,000 listeners in the JNLR results!

“I hope good can come from this fiasco if Newstalk can step up and bring about real change. The team who work there deserve it.”