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Síle Seoige slams anti-mask campaigners – as she encourages people to follow guidelines

"If you want to keep your loved ones safe and well, wear a f***ing mask."


Síle Seoige has slammed anti-mask campaigners, as she encouraged people to follow guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After Ireland moved into Level 3 restrictions due to a rise in coronavirus cases this week, the TV presenter said the argument on not wearing masks is “ridiculous”.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, Síle said: “So level 3 countrywide, emotions running high. I know some people are doing alright and some people are doing not alright.”

“I’m sending massive hugs from here. It’s bloody confusing isn’t it? It’s a confusing old time…”

Síle continued: “I’ve probably stayed pretty quiet on my own personal views on what to do, because I’m of the opinion that you do follow the advice – you wash your hands, you wear the mask, you keep away from people, you’re as careful as you can be.”

“I’m a big believer of that. I’m also a believer that we have to do what’s right for us as individuals. But the argument on not wearing masks is ridiculous.”

“To those of you who are not into wearing masks or you are anti mask – now unless you have a health condition where it’s really difficult for you to wear mask which I appreciate….”

“But if you think it’s nonsense and you’re not going to conform, what’s the worst that can happen?” Síle asked. “You’re wearing a piece of cloth over your nose and your mouth, and it might be an inconvenience, fair enough.”

“But on the positive you could potentially save lives. You can potentially stop the spread of it. Some people are getting really really sick, some people are dying from this.”

“It’s a no brainer in my opinion. If you don’t believe in it and you think the science is inaccurate and it’s not a fact, I don’t know what to say to you.”

“Just on being a decent human being, because a lot of people that I’m seeing that are saying they’re anti mask are saying that basically they are more compassionate, more understanding than those of us who are like sheep following the herd.”

“And that we’re the ones that are being duped, we’re the ones that are stupid. I’m not into name calling, I’m not into calling anyone stupid or ignorant or anything like that.”


“But be very careful where you get your information,” she said. “There are a lot of people feeling very vulnerable right now and when you’re vulnerable, you’re very easily manipulated.”

“And when people are convincing and making very emotive arguments, some people can fall under the spell and think, ‘this is what’s really going on’.

“So, on wearing of the masks – it’s the most humane, decent, sound thing you can do for you and other people. If you want to keep your loved ones safe and well, wear a f***ing mask.”

“Anyway I didn’t want to go on a rant but I tend to sometimes hold back on what I think about things here, purely because I could go on for ages and where would that get me?”


“I’m a big believer in pausing and not being reactive. I sound like I’m being reactive now, I’m actually not being reactive, I’m just sharing my viewpoint.”

“Look it, I’m not perfect, I’m far from it, I’ve always said I’m flawed, because we all are and I’ve put my foot in it, I’ve gone into shops where I’ve forgotten my mask, I’ve run back to the car mortified. It happens, we’re all human,” she said.

“But if you’re intentionally acting in a way where you think you’re superior and that everyone else is being manipulated by the government or whoever it is, my goodness, take a pause and take a breath and be careful about where you’re getting your information.”

“I’m probably inviting a s**t storm now into my DMs by expressing my views, but look, it’s all a bit mental at the moment. I just think be very careful where you get your information, because there’s a lot of misinformation out there and it can come across as the real deal.”

“Simple stuff lads, we just need to follow the bloody guidelines and if we all play our part, hopefully it won’t escalate to a level 4, level 5 and we’ll get to be with family and friends at Christmas.”

“I am hopeful it’ll happen,” she added.

The news comes after Maia Dunphy slammed anti-mask campaigners over the weekend, after they hosted a protest on Grafton Street.


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