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Síle Seoige reveals she will be ‘mindful’ of other women when sharing her pregnancy content

Síle Seoige has revealed she will be “mindful” of other women when sharing her pregnancy content.

Earlier this week, the 41-year-old announced she is expecting her second child with her fiancé Damien.

The presenter previously suffered two missed miscarriages, and said she did not want to “trigger” others who have suffered a loss or are experiencing fertility struggles.

Speaking to The Sunday Independent, the Galway native explained: “Scan images and photos can be triggering, although personally I never felt they were to me, but I know they can be for other people.”

“So I don’t want to be almost pouring salt into people’s wounds by using my page in that way. I have learned a lot. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting up scan or bump photos because I understand it’s a beautiful, joyous time to celebrate.”

“But through talking and connecting with other women, and after my own experience, I feel like it would be inappropriate even though I am pregnant and delighted to be.”

Síle and Damien welcomed their first child together in 2017, a son named Cathal.

Sharing her pregnancy news last week, the broadcaster said: “I have been feeling very nervous about making this announcement as I know hearing news like this can be very hard depending on where you are in your own fertility journey.”

“I feel like the luckiest woman in the world at the moment. We always wanted two kids, I never knew if it was going to happen for sure… I didn’t think it would be such a tough road to get here but I feel so fortunate that I am here now.”


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