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Sile Seoige opens up about expecting her first child

Sile Seoige launches Clearbraces.ie Smile Awards 2017 at Everleigh Garden where she announced she was pregnant with her first child, Dublin, Ireland - 09.02.17. Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM **IRISH RIGHTS ONLY** *** Local Caption *** Sile Seoige

Sile Seoige has opened up about expecting her first child with her partner Damien O’Farrell.

The 37-year-old recently celebrated getting the all-clear from thyroid cancer after five years, and now she’s expecting a baby – and due to give birth this July.

“After going through something so scary with cancer, now I’m with child. I just feel really, really lucky,” she said on RTÉ’s Today.

The former Newstalk presenter also gushed about her partner, who works as a Garda in Co. Cork, “He’s an absolute gem – we’re both just over the moon, we’re so happy. We’re so lucky.”

Happy: Sile feels so lucky to be expecting her first child | VIPIRELAND.COM

“You never know, if I was to go back in time and someone was to show me a crystal ball of my future – we’re only together two years and we’re so, so happy – and now we have this amazing new chapter in our lives about to begin.

“They’re so happy on both sides of the family. The excitement is unbelievable – another munchkin. We’re just baby mad in our house so the idea of another little munchkin in the house, they’re both so happy about it. There’s so much I have to learn, I feel so clueless,” she said.

The presenter also revealed that her medical team are keeping a close eye on her during her pregnancy, after battling cancer and having her thyroid removed in 2012.

“Being pregnant, I am in for a lot more bloods. Everything is going on anyway and obviously now being pregnant, not having a thyroid gland is something else to contend with so they’re monitoring it.

Tough times: Sile battled thyroid cancer back in 2012 | VIPIRELAND.COM

“For a good few years before I got it removed, I had this slight little bulge in the neck and it started to get bigger and the last six months before I got it out, it had grown quite quickly. And I was on tv at the time, I was presenting Seoige with Grainne, and all I could see when I would watch the show back was this big lump in my neck.


“It wasn’t painful and it was actually vanity that led me to get it out initially. In its own strange way, it was a complete blessing. I had a biopsy on it and it was clear.

“I knew it wasn’t right. I toddled off home, took off a few days and I was looking forward to getting back into work properly. I was the first person in to see my surgeon on a Monday morning so he couldn’t give me any notice to bring anyone with me. It was the, ‘take a seat’ conversation which nobody really wants to hear. We just presumed it was benign,” she explained.

“Once I heard the news…to be honest, my language was pretty colourful when he said it. I didn’t break down in tears, I was in shock and then flowery language ensued, then it was, ‘What do we do?’. Really when it comes down to it, I’m a pragmatist. They already had the plan in place which was brilliant.”

Mum to be: Sile announced her pregnancy back in February | Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireand

“In the grand scheme of things, in comparison to other people’s journeys, my experience with cancer was really quite okay. It was radioactive iodine treatment.

“They left a chunk of the tumour, where the cancer was, behind, because it was sitting on my vocal folds. My surgeon, being the great guy he was, understood that it was my bread and butter – using my voice is what I do on telly and radio. I needed to make sure that wasn’t affected; so he needed to leave a chunk of it behind, which meant a chunk of the cancer behind.

“So we had to treat that and make sure it was sorted and gone. There’s four different types of thyroid cancers alone. It was early, the treatment programme was very doable, I didn’t have to go through chemotherapy, I mean I was so lucky.

“I bow my head to the doctors and nurses and to science – it’s why I’m here today and I’m able to pregnant, and happy and healthy,” she added.