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Shane Lynch admits: 'I'd be bored off my head on The Voice'

Shane Lynch has revealed that he would never consider being a judge on The Voice because he would be “bored off his head.”

The Boyzone star admitted there’s more to being a star than just a great singing voice.

“The Voice is never going to be as big as X Factor because the concept is to get the voice and there’s a million of them out there better than I will ever be,” he said.

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“However, I’m in one of the biggest bands in the world and the point of that is it’s about entertainment, about visuals, how you look, how you act, how you are. The draw is not just the voice.

“The All-Ireland Talent Show was more suited to me because I like entertainment. I’d be bored off my head on The Voice,” he admitted.

Although The Voice may not be for Shane, but the Dubliner insisted he still loves taking part in reality shows.

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Bored: Shane admitted he would be too bored on The Voice | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I have a TV agent and I would never say no to anything that I thought was going to be a good experience, I love reality shows and stuff,” he told the Herald.

“I’m a dude from Donaghmede and when things like Big Brother come up, of course I’m going to do it because who I am to say no? I’m not too big for my boots.”


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