Shane Long opens up on ‘tough’ battle with son’s health

The footballer welcomed his son Jax this month with wife Kayleah Long


Shane Long has opened up on his family life since his newborn son entered the world – and it hasn’t been easy.

The footballer welcomed his third child Jax with wife Kayleah Long earlier this month but their were complications after his birth.

“It has been tough. We didn’t get him home until Sunday, he and his mum came back on Sunday so I’ve only had two or three days with him,” he said.


Jax: Shane admitted that it’s been tough since his family welcomed their newborn | TWITTER

Kayleah revealed previously that their son had struggled since his birth and admitted it had been “a mixture of emotions.

Despite this, Shane is happy to have his family all together at home and they’re learning to cope – but he’s loving it.

“It is amazing. It is a madhouse round my house now with three kids under six but I’m loving every minute,” he told the Daily Star.

“My wife is fairly good. She knows I have to get up and train so I do the morning feed when I wake up but she looks after him in the night.”


Family man: The footballer revealed that he’s become an expert at feeding his son | INSTAGRAM

The Dubliner also admitted that he wasn’t the best at helping with feeds, but he know considers himself a professional.

“The first time I did the feed I was all over the place but by now I like to consider myself an expert. I’m up anyway, I get up early and I’m up with the girls getting them for school and nursery, so it is nice to have another face to look after.

“Having kids settle you down a bit. You tend not to venture out to town and different things like that as you have a family to go home to

“The big thing for me is that when you have bad results and injuries you go home and forget about football again. No matter how good or bad you do, you are still their dad. It brings it back down to earth pretty quickly,” he added.