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Shane Filan opens up about the ‘very horrible time’ after he went bankrupt

Shane Filan launches his new album Love Always at Ely Wine Bar, Dublin, Ireland - 24.08.17. Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM **IRISH RIGHTS ONLY** *** Local Caption *** Gillian Filan, Shane Filan

Shane Filan has opened up about going bankrupt, and how he got his family through such a “horrible” time.

The 38-year-old admitted that he was forced to start over twice – once when Westlife came to an end, and again when he lost his money due to the recession.

The singer was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2012, after his property development company Shafin Developments, which he owned with his brother Finbar, was placed into receivership with debts of €23 million.

After losing his five-bedroom mansion in Sligo, Shane has revealed that life is finally good again for him, his wife Gillian, and their kids Nicole, 12, Patrick, eight, and Shane Jnr, seven.


Tough times: Shane went bankrupt in 2012 – but believes it happened for a reason | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking to the Irish Sun on Sunday, Shane said, “It was one of those true stories where it was like it was really bad and I had to start again and literally rebuild my life block by block to a certain degree.

“It was kind of like, ‘this is going to be scary’, but it made me focus and say, ‘this has to succeed, this can’t just be another guy from a boyband who doesn’t do well, it had to be a success’. And it is and it’s just forward now and it’s just good. I’m happy, I’m healthy, the kids are.”

“I’m glad I’m past it because it was a very, very horrible time, difficult time for me and Gillian. Obviously the kids, I protected them from all of that, you have to. But it happened for a reason, that’s the way I look at it and I look forward now, I don’t look back.


Exciting times: Shane has just released his new album Love Always | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Yesterday happens, you can’t fix it. I can fix tomorrow, I can try and move forward. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m in a good place. Next year is looking good and after that I’m planning my next album or whatever it will be.”

Shane has just released his third solo album, Love Always.