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A sandwich shop got Liam Neeson to visit them with this EPIC sign

A sandwich shop in Canada got Taken star Liam Neeson to visit them with an epic sign posted outside.

The staff at Big Star Sandwich in New Westminster heard that the County Down actor was filming in the city, so they decided to get a little creative.

They posted a sign that read, “Liam Neeson eats here for free,” to try and get the star to visit them – and it worked.

According to a spokesman for Big Star Sandwich, Liam came in and asked “Where’s my sandwich?” in the voice of his Taken character, Bryan Mils.

The spokesman also said that although Liam didn’t take them up on their offer for a free sandwich, he was happy to pose for pictures.

The staff even created a sandwich in his honour, calling it The Neeson.

They said that The Neeson was the perfect name for the sandwich because it has “a lot of beef, a one-two punch of bacon and hickory sticks and spice that will get revenge on you tomorrow.”


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