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Ryan Tubridy forced to deny he's DEAD – after cruel website kills him off


Ryan Tubridy has been forced to deny that he is dead – by posting a selfie online.

The RTE presenter was killed off by a spoof article which claimed he was “found dead inside at his home in Dublin”.

Hundreds of fans have already taken to Facebook and Twitter to offer RIPs to the Late Late Show host.

ryan tubridy selfie

Selfie: Tubridy confirms he’s still alive

However Ryan, 40, insisted he wasn’t dead, adding: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.

The 2fm presenter was claimed to be dead in a Waterford Whispers article, a website which posts satricial news stories.

But with the post coming just a week away from Gerry Ryan’s anniversary, fans believed it to be true.

The story even said that Tubs would be “laid to rest at the weekend” with a fictional doctor claiming that “he may have been dead for quite some time”.


Pals: Tubridy with Gerry Ryan before his death

This morning Tubridy claimed he wasn’t “particularly concerned” by the post on his radio show.

He said: “I know some people took it seriously, but it’s satire, they were just having a joke.

“Sometimes it falls flat, sometimes it goes up like a balloon. I’m not particularly concerned.

“I enjoy satire and I’m prone to taking the mick out of people myself.”