Ryan Tubridy receives complaint for using the word ‘bejaysus’


Ryan Tubridy has received a complaint for using the word ‘bejaysus.’

The Late Late Show host used the word while describing a Halloween costume on his show in October 2015.

“The complaint relates to the use of the word, ‘Bejaysus’ by the presenter, Mr. Ryan Tubridy,” the complaint reads.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland received a mammoth list of complaints last year – but the Dubliner’s was the most Irish complaint of them all.

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Potty mouth: Ryan received a complaint for using the word ‘bejaysus’| BRIAN MCEVOY

“The complainant states that this (and any inappropriate use of Jesus’ name) is derogatory and should not be used by the national broadcaster.

“The complainant understands that any host/presenter cannot control language from a guest on a show, but when it comes to their own staff, given the influence of broadcasters it should be incumbent on RTE to adopt good socially inclusive standards and direct their staff accordingly.”

RTE responded to the complaint saying that it was meant in a lighthearted manner, and did not mean to offend.

“RTE does not agree with the complainant’s assertion that the language used dishonoured a foundational principle of the Irish Constitution.


Lighthearted: The station responded to the complaint saying it was not meant to offend | RTE


“The broadcaster states that live television conversations at that hour of the night must be free to discuss matters in a forthright manner, even if sometimes the language used is not what everyone watching would ideally choose to hear.

“In this case, RTE believes the language used was relatively mild and unremarkable to the vast majority of those watching,” a rep for the station said, according to Entertainment.ie.


“The broadcaster states that the comment was made during a live television item of a lighthearted nature, well after the 9pm watershed. RTE further contends that no offence was meant and certainly no demeaning of either Christianity or any religion was meant.”


Sheer bad luck: Ryan’s show received multiple complaints in 2015 | DSPCA

It isn’t the only complaint for the Late Late Show on the list as viewers were uncomfortable when they broadcasted lambs being put into a restrictive carousel to be sheered.

“The complainant states that lambs, just a few days old, appeared on the show and he believes they were distressed by the experience and by the transportation to and from the venue,” the complaint explained.

“The complainant claims this was an unnecessary and cruel use of lambs in an alien environment.

“He believes it would have been more appropriate if the item was filmed on location instead of in a studio.”

The Late Late Show is on tonight from 9.35pm and will feature another live sheering from record holder Ivan Scott.