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Ryan Andrews reveals he will ask his girlfriend to marry him if he WINS Dancing With the Stars

The couple have been together for a decade


Ryan Andrews has revealed that if he wins this season of Dancing With the Star, he might just propose to his girlfriend.

The actor has been with his partner Michaela O’Neill for a decade.

The couple are childhood sweethearts, and Ryan when was asked if he would consider proposing if he won the show, he confirmed that he was interested in the idea.


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He told The Irish Daily Mirror: “We’ll see. That’s a good campaign, I might do that actually.”

“Give me the votes and I’ll pop the question,” he joked.

Touching on their relationship, the actor said: “We’ve known each other since we were 11.”

“We’re together about 10 years. She knows this is something I’ve always wanted to do.. she’s more nervous than me now…” he said of his time on the show.

“Even there when I see her, I would always like anything we do for the panto I would say to her ‘are you nervous?’ and she would be like ‘no, no’ but this first show I was like ‘are you nervous?’ and she goes ‘I can’t breathe’”

“She loves it and it is great to see her out supporting me every Sunday with my mam and dad and her mam.”

“They’re the people that you look over at the end of every dance…”