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Ruth O’Neill: ‘Coming home was a mistake’

Ruth O’Neill has said that coming home from LA was a mistake.

The presenter worked in LA from 2010 to 2015, where she gained experience in the entertainment media field.

She worked as an associate producer for ABC News and as a reporter for E! News and E! Online.

In 2015 she moved back to Ireland, but after nothing really took off for her, she decided to make the move to New York City.

Lonely: Ruth didn’t feel like she fit in Ireland anymore | VIPIRELAND.COM

The blonde beauty was about to leave for New York when she got a call from Xposé asking to cover maternity leave for six months – she rejected the job and moved to New York.

But, while she was over there, TV3 came knocking again and she decided it was too good of an opportunity to turn down, so she returned home to host Xposé.

Speaking to The Sunday Independent’s LIFE magazine, she said, “I think for me, this year, it was brilliant professionally. But, personally it was a hard year.”

“All of my friends in Ireland had moved on or were at different life stages. I went from having a full life in LA with loads of friends and parties, hanging out at Chateau Marmont and Soho House, to sitting at home with my parents, watching Emmerdale.”

Different Life Stages: The host thinks that her friends in Ireland are at different life stages | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Moving back here was actually harder than moving to LA with a one-way tickets and no friends and no job.

“I still feel this way. I feel misplaced. I just felt I didn’t meet my tribe of people.

“I guess it was weird, because I moved home and I was living in the room where I did my Leaving Cert. It felt like I was back in school, even though I was 28.

“I had gone from five years independence to feeling like I was back in school.”

Xposé: Ruth learned a lot from her time at Xposé | VIPIRELAND.COM

Although she felt lonely and misplaced in Ireland, Ruth really enjoyed working as a presenter on Xposé.

“I was pretty down. I loved the work (Xposé), that’s the thing. My personal life wasn’t great but the minute I would do the work, I would actually feel really calm and really happy.

“But that’s not enough. I thought it would be enough, but you need friends and a social life and hobbies.”


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