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Russell Crowe responds to video of Dublin boozy brunch that went viral

The A-list star spoke directly to young people: 'we all have to deal with it'


Russell Crowe has responded to a boozy brunch in a Dublin pub that went viral over the weekend.

Footage from the ‘Baked Brunch‘, which was promoted by popular social media influencer Jess Brennan, went viral after attendees were seen dancing together and a bar man was filmed pouring alcohol from the same bottle down multiple people’s throats.

After Dublin’s Q102 breakfast show hosts Liam Coburn and Alison O’Reilly tweeted the Oscar winner in an attempt to get on the show, he shocked the presenters by calling in.

Telling the actor about what had happened in Dublin bar Berlin D2, host Liam said: “We’ve got some footage that came out over the weekend of people partying in a bar which has upset a lot of people.”

Russell, who is in the Bush in Australia with his elderly parents, said they faced similar issues at the beginning of lockdown.

“There was a bunch of young people that weren’t taking things seriously…the community kind of puts it foot down and the young kids, they get it, so we’ve been lucky in that regard,” he explained.

Russell on the Late Late Show | RTE

“But obviously you’ve heard the news coming out of Melbourne, things have kicked off again down there…We’re definitely not completely on top of things.”

The Gladiator star added then had a message for young people in general, saying we all need to work together to continue to protect the vulnerable in our communities.

“There’s a couple of simple things we have to do, the hand sanitiser, using face masks, and I know it feels alien and strange,” he said.

“If you’re listening and you think it’s still a good idea to go out and you’re pushing against it, and you’re saying ‘I don’t want my life to change’, you’ve got to understand it’s new for all of us and we all have to deal with it,” he added.

Videos from the event were shared all over social media, with former Minister for Health Simon Harris even slamming the behaviour as a “middle finger” to everyone who had worked so hard to stay safe.

It comes just weeks after Russell promoted the Late Late Toy Show on his Twitter page.

You can listen to his full interview HERE.