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RTÉ viewers praise Brian O’Driscoll following emotional appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show

RTÉ viewers have praised Brian O’Driscoll following his emotional appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show.

The rugby legend bravely opened up about the death of a close friend, who sadly took his own life 12 years ago.

The father-of-three admitted the death “never made sense” to him, and that he still dreamt about his friend coming back.


The 42-year-old said: “One of my very good friends committed suicide 12 years ago. That was probably as big as it’s gotten.”

“In some ways, because of the actual circumstances of how it happened and it was such a bolt from the blue… you don’t have the answers. You just have to accept it. It was like a moment of madness.”

“I’ve a recurring dream that I get every five or six months, he comes back into it and he’s just been away. It’s actually lovely, I’m not sad when I wake up. It’s kind of nice in that moment, I’m kind of relieved.”

“The whole thing never made any sense. So just to have a moment of ‘ah that makes sense, you went away’, rather than the finite alternative,” he explained.

“At least he was back. It was like, even though you’re not going to hang out with me anymore, at least I know you’re alive. That gives a sense of comfort.”

Following his appearance on the popular chat show, viewers took to Twitter to praise Brian and Tommy for the “powerful” interview.


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