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RTÉ staff call for cap on top earners ‘indefensible’ salaries

People are not happy


RTÉ staff have called on the broadcaster to slash the salaries of their top earners, including the likes of Ryan Tubridy and Joe Duffy.

Earlier this month,  RTÉ  announced that they would be cutting €60 million from their budget, and axing 200 jobs along with it.

The new budget plans include a 15% pay reduction for it’s highest earning presenters, but according to the Irish Sun, RTÉ journalists don’t believe the cuts are good enough.

A statement from the NUJ Dublin Broadcasting Branch, chaired by RTÉ’s Education correspondent Emma O Kelly, reads: “We believe it is now, more than ever, indefensible that RTE continues to pay exorbitant salaries of up to close to half a million euro to a small number of people in this organisation.”

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“We understand the public anger at this and believe it is justified. We believe the RTE proposal to cut 15 per cent off payments to its top contracted presenters does not go far enough.”

“We are calling on RTE management to immediately move to reduce the fees of the top presenters so no one in the organisation is earning more than the top civil service salary, that of the Secretary General.”

“We believe this would be an important first step towards addressing the valid concerns felt by the public who we serve.”