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RTÉ reveal campus was ‘subjected to vandalism overnight’

They've shared photos of the vandalism online


RTÉ have revealed their campus in Donnybrook was “subjected to vandalism overnight”.

The national broadcaster took to Twitter this morning to show the aftermath of the vandalism attack, which saw yellow paint and graffiti splatted across their campus.

“Unfortunately RTÉ was subjected to vandalism overnight,” RTÉ One tweeted.

The photos show yellow paint sprayed across the RTÉ sign at the front of their building.

In another tweet they said, “And sadly that’s not the worst of it,” as they shared a photo of a penis spray painted on the footpath.

The culprits also painted, “F*** you Healy,” on the ground.

Many Twitter users shared their shock over the incident, but some questioned whether it’s a PR stunt to promote season three of The Young Offenders, which premieres tonight on RTÉ One at 9:30pm.