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Roz Purcell wins praise for sharing ‘real’ unedited holiday snaps

Roz Purcell has won praise for sharing “real” unedited holiday snaps on Instagram.

The former model posted some photos from her travels around Ireland this summer, and included her posed Insta-worthy shots alongside some candid outtakes.

The 30-year-old captioned the post: “Ah sure look we all know by now it’s all smokes and mirrors. Behind every photo you see is about 50 (maybe 80) in between shots, a patient friend 🤣 & a filter.”


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A post shared by R O Z (@rozannapurcell)

“Also a picture does not say thousands words you’ve no idea if that person is actually having the time of their life or not, good or bad day.”

“If we do anything take this place with a pinch of salt it’ll surely help make it more enjoyable!”

“(As you know as I always say no picture is bad or worse but they’re not picture perfect or what you might usually see from me!) ps. Yellow swimsuits are not my friend 😂😂😂,” she added.

In the comment section, Roz was praised for being a “great role model”.

One follower commented: “Fair play girl … always true to yourself .. great roll [sic] model for the next generation.”

Another follower wrote: “Roz, you’re a super role model for young girls. Love your photos.”

A third person added: “A true leader to the world. ambassador for all women , your parents and family must be so proud of you ❤️.”


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