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Roz Purcell wins praise for sharing honest ‘story behind the picture’ on Instagram

This is brilliant!


Roz Purcell has won praise for sharing a candid “story behind the picture” reel on Instagram.

The Tipperary native is known for sharing honest posts about mental health and body positivity on social media, reminding her followers that everything is not how it seems online.

In her latest post, the 30-year-old shared three photos she’s posted in the past, and explained the real story behind them.

In the video, Roz says: “‘A picture paints a thousands words’ – well it doesn’t. It’s bulls**t, especially over here on Instagram. This is the story behind the picture…”


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The first picture shows Roz in a green backless top, with her face turned away from the camera.

The former model explains: “I’m not looking at the camera because I was crying all day.”

“It was probably one of the worst days I’ve had. My eyes were so bloodshot and red. I was in my pyjamas all day in a dark room but I put this outfit on just to take that photo.”

The second photo shows Roz posing on top of a SUP board, wearing a bright pink swimsuit.

Roz admits she only wore the swimsuit for the photo, and reveals she changed into an actual wetsuit afterwards.


The influencer says: “I got here early to get this photo in a little skimpy swimsuit because clearly I’m in Ireland — I’m going to be wearing a full on winter wetsuit.”

The third and final photo shows Roz posing for a selfie with her longterm boyfriend Zach Desmond.

The couple look happier than ever in the photo, but Roz admits they were actually “killing each other” before and after the photo was taken.

In the comment section, Roz was praised for being so honest, and many admitted they could relate to her stories.

Fellow influencer Rosie Connolly commented: “Absolutely loved this!!! God I can’t even count how many pics of mine have similar back stories too!”

Another follower wrote: “Love how honest you always are Roz, you’re a genuine influencer!”

A third person commented: “This should definitely become more of a trend.. posting more REAL stuff 👌 you’re amazing and a breath of fresh air.”