Roz Purcell slams Love Island fans for ‘bullying’ Molly-Mae Hague online

The former Miss Universe Ireland has asked fans of the show to be kinder


Roz Purcell has slammed Love Island fans for “bullying” Molly-Mae Hague on social media.

The 20-year-old influencer was heavily criticised online during her time in the villa, and constantly faced claims that she was being “fake” and “not genuine”.

After Molly-Mae and her boyfriend Tommy Fury placed second during last night’s Love Island final, fellow social media influencer Roz took to Twitter to hit out at online trolls.

She wrote: “Dont get me wrong – delighted Greg and amber won. But some of the stuff online about Molly is awful, poor girl, they wonder why after care is so important its because people think they’re being funny and forget they’re posting something she probably will see.”

Islanders Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague | ITV

The former model and cookbook author added: “Also why is everyone acting like Tommy isn’t a big ride ???? like she must be faking it, he’s lovely!”

“I loved how the show ended but God some people are really bullying her online.”

Many were quick to agree with Roz’s statement, and one person replied: “People just watch her every move waiting for her to do something wrong.”

“Even her reaction to Amber winning was being happy for her yet everyone is posting pictures of her online and acting like she reacted badly. Ridiculous,” they added.