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Roz Purcell shares powerful Instagram post about overcoming her eating disorder

The model has spoken candidly about her past.


Roz Purcell has shared a powerful post to her Instagram feed, opening up about the life advice that helped her during a time of struggle.

The model and wellness influencer has spoken candidly about her past battle with an eating disorder.

Posting a side by side photo of herself during that time along with an image of her now, Roz wrote:  “This isn’t a dress rehearsal, you’ve got one shot at life, to LIVE (So don’t waste it hating yourself or letting your weight=self worth).”


Gerry Hussey, a motivational speaker and wellness and performance program curator, is joining Roz in the new episode of her podcast Bite Back.

“It’s a life motto of mine stolen from @gerry_hussey he said to me years ago that have always echoed in my mind and have out weighed the negative self image rituals I was once stuck in,” she detailed.

“He helped me so much even though he had no idea he was, I was really good at hiding what was going on to friends.”

“Even still when negative self image thoughts creep in (and anyone who has recovered from an ED will know you don’t just get over it, it’s something you manage and become better at understanding and rationalising)”

“I always think of things Gerry has said to me over the years and think- God, I’m not going to spend one more second wasting time putting myself down or comparing myself over something that DOES NOT DEFINE ME and has no relevance to how I can truly live!”

Roz recently discussed her past with disordered eating on The Gosscast.