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Roz Purcell shares inspiring update on her hair loss – after showing off bald patch

The former model has been struggling with hair loss over the past few months


Roz Purcell has revealed her hair is finally growing back, after showing off a bald patch on the back of her head.

The 30-year-old sought treatment for alopecia areata last year, after her hair started falling out in “clunks”.

Months later, the influencer has noticed a huge improvement in her hair.

Taking to Instagram, Roz shared before-and-after photos of her brunette hair, including close up snaps of her bald patch.

She captioned the post: “HAIR UPDATE. 8 months on. Bald patch is in full bloom, white but growing.”

“In my head my hair wasn’t growing but side by side it’s come on so much,” Roz wrote. “And I had 1 haircut in between these to about 1-2 inches to get off the dead ends.”

“I do take care of it much better now, I limit heat & I swear by the Dyson dryer when I do want to dry it or style it.”

Roz also revealed she sought help from Trua Hair, who recommended a derma roller for her bald patch, a silk pillow case and ties for her hair at night, a tangle brush for the shower, and a supplement mix from ANNUTRI.

The 30-year-old was also recommended certain shampoos and serums for her hair, and said: “Now I’m in a rootine (get it) with my hair care I’m not stopping now.”


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In the comment section, Roz’s followers praised her for giving them “hope” with their own hair.

One follower wrote: “This gives me hope!! I’ve lost a lot of hair at the front due to stress and am in month 8 of nutrafol. I don’t know if it’s working, I can’t stop stressing or finding ways to reduce stress.”

Roz then replied: “You should take photos to compare! I didn’t think mine had grown and only today doing a side by side I was like woahhhh. It’s encouraged me to keep going and make it a priority!”

The news comes just months after Roz admitted she was “disheartened” over her hair loss in September.