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Roz Purcell reveals she may need surgery after ‘freak accident’

Roz Purcell has revealed she may need surgery, after breaking her leg in a “freak accident”.

The Irish influencer took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a photo of her leg with an ice pack on it.

The former Miss Universe Ireland wrote: “May be spending the night in A&E. Lovely… It’s gone be a pretty long night.”


Sharing an update with her 515k followers this morning, Roz explained: “Not great, it’s not great. I have broken my fibula and it’s not a clean break, it’s a really awkward, diagonal break.”

“The bone has shifted so I’m waiting to hear if I need surgery. My biggest flex used to be that I’ve never broken a bone or had a filling. Now I’m just left with never had a filling.”

“Just to say, I’ve got strong ass bones. I’ve had so many falls and s*** before and it’s a miracle I haven’t broken anything. So it was just a freak accident, I wasn’t even doing anything.”

The 30-year-old said: “I’ve been crawling up the side of mountains, rock climbing… I was literally just stepping backwards, I was playing tennis and it was a freak, freak accident.”

“They were like, ‘Did you hear it snap?’ I didn’t hear it snap, but I knew. You know when you hurt something so bad you just feel like you’re going to projectile vomit? That was what it was like.”

In her latest update, Roz added: “I’m back as they think foot might be broken too.”


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