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Roz Purcell reveals she has ‘nowhere to stay’ as she’s being forced to move out of her home

The former model has been packing up her belongings this week


Roz Purcell has revealed that she has to move out of her house for a few weeks, and admitted she has “nowhere to stay”.

The 30-year-old has to vacate the home she shares with her boyfriend Zach Desmond, as it needs to be “completely re-wired”.

During an Instagram Q&A, one follower asked why she was packing up their belongings, and Roz replied: “The house needs to be completely re-wired, tear down the walls etc.”

“It needs to be done ASAP as obviously it can be dangerous. So not ideal with the current situation. Pack everything up, find storage, then move out for 3-4 weeks.”

Roz explained she had planned to stay with family in Tipperary for a few weeks, but due to the new restrictions in Dublin, she’s unsure what they will do.

She wrote: “Meant to be going home to Tipperary that was the plan originally as I have nowhere else to stay.”

“Not fully sure if that’s a solution now. Currently trying to sort out ma life.”

Roz went on to answer questions about her relationship with Zach, including one asking whether they argue.

She replied: “We be killing each other. Just like a normal couple, we fight for a couple of minutes and then it’s like, ‘So what we eating for dinner’. I do have to say it’s very easy no big rows.”

The cookbook author also responded to rumours she recently “bought a massive gaff”.

After a follower asked, “Did you buy a house?” Roz replied: “No. I heard there was a rumour going around I bought a massive gaff ???? Sadly that’s not true.”

“When I can afford to buy a house I wouldn’t hide it. I would definitely celebrate it & show every bit of the journey,” she added.

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