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Roz Purcell reveals her parents jumped to her defence after overhearing group of girls slag her off

Roz Purcell has revealed her parents jumped to her defence in a café, after overhearing a group of girls slag her off.

The incident took place before the pandemic, and the former model admitted it was very awkward.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, the 30-year-old said: “Storytime. So my family were in a cafe, this was obviously pre-Covid, they were sitting down, I wasn’t with them…”

“And a group of girls sat beside them, they were a little bit older than me, that’s what my family said, and I don’t know them, they don’t know me…”

“I think I was on the cover of a magazine maybe that day, because they had seen it they took it out and they began to absolutely tear me to pieces, like really badly.”

“So badly… And I don’t mean just physically I mean like they said something like, ‘Oh she’s so stuck up’ and just saying horrible things,” Roz explained.

“So badly my parents had to turn around and be like, ‘Ehm, excuse me she’s our daughter’ and they were obviously shocked and were like, ‘Oh my god’.

“My family said it went really awkward, but like they had to say it because there were loads of other people in the café and they could also hear, and they were probably like, ‘That’s her family.’

“But it’s just a reminder because unfortunately this happens loads. My friends will be like ‘oh my god, you know, so and so obviously doesn’t know we’re best friends and they just started saying this,’ and I’m like I don’t even know that person,” she said.

“And it happens all the time… and the unfortunate thing is I have become so desensitised to people saying horrible things about me.”

“Look everyone makes assumptions about people, but just be careful where you say it because if it’s about me, my friends and family will probably make you feel awkward!”

“But also for yourself you’re going to end up looking like a d**k.”

Roz added: “You know what it’s just happened so much in the last few weeks, that I’m like oh come on people, just be sound like.”

“God there’s so many other things to talk about than other people.”


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