Roz Purcell on her relationship with boyfriend Zach Desmond: ‘He’s my best friend’

The model has gushed about her beau


Roz Purcell has revealed that she’s “totally fine” when it comes to talking about her romance with Zach Desmond.

The former Miss Universe Ireland, who previously dated The Blizzards frontman Bressie, has kept quiet about her relationships in the past.

However, the stunning model has admitted that she doesn’t have a problem with it now – because she feels so happy.


Speaking to STELLAR magazine, Roz said, “I’m actually totally fine with talking about my love life now, because I feel really happy! Zach is so chilled.”

“I can 100 percent be myself around him. I always thought I was being myself, but with him I definitely am, and he really inspires me to travel more.”

The couple regularly jet off on trips abroad – and travelled around Asia together last December.

“I’ve turned into more of a yes woman. We have great fun just the two of us, he’s my best friend. I think for a lot of people, that’s hard to find. And he’s also the best Instagram boyfriend ever!”