Roz Purcell pokes fun at her old photocall shoots in hilarious TikTok

This is too funny!

Roz Purcell has poked fun at her old photocall shoots, by taking part in a hilarious TikTok trend.

The former model won Miss Universe Ireland back in 2010, and represented Ireland at Miss Universe in the US, where she placed in the Top 10.

After spending a few years modelling in New York, Roz returned home to Ireland, and was booked for some bizarre photocall shoots – which were pretty common on the modelling scene back then.


From dressing up as a pirate, to posing with a bunch of carrots – Roz definitely had her fair share of funny shoots.

Taking part in the ‘And It Went Like…’ trend on TikTok, Roz shared a photo of her on stage at Miss World, and wrote: “When I was 19 I won Miss Universe Ireland. I got signed by a big agency and got prepared to be a top model…”

The video then cuts to some hilarious old photocall shots.

Roz shared the TikTok video on Instagram, and wrote: “There’s nothing I haven’t been dressed as ???????????? I blame @martynrosney for most of it. Ah the Irish photocalls. Don’t ask about the carrots.”