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Roz Purcell opens up about starting a family and ‘toxic’ social media

"Because I'm a woman and I'm almost 30 I always get asked about kids."


Roz Purcell has spoken candidly about her thoughts on starting a family.

Speaking on Brendan O’Connor’s The Weekend on One, the star was asked if she hoped to start a family soon.

Roz replied: “No matter what interview, because I’m a woman and I’m almost 30 I always get asked about kids.”

“I read a lot about what’s going on in the world and it does make me anxious about having children, having a kid, your main priority in life turns into that child and you want to protect them.”

“My mum made the point that there’s always going to be a worry and it can’t stop you from doing something you want to do wether that’s having kids or not.”

“I’m still undecided about children, maybe it will hit me soon I’m not sure but I think at the moment that would be a small concern for me.”


The foodie also discussed her experiences with social media.

“I do, weekly I ask myself why am I on these platforms because they can be quite toxic,” she detailed.

“I myself even though I understand that pictures are one moment of one day and they are usually a highlight of someone’s life”

“They’re not real whatsoever, you can end up feeling quite sh*t about yourself and comparing your life to someone else’s situation online.”

However, she conceded that the toxicity she faces online is worth it to know that she is helping people with her online community.

“Do I enjoy it every single day? No, but when girls come up and tell me they really enjoy following my page that’s the reason I stay on it.”