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Roz Purcell hopes to save Syrian families on charity trip to Jordan


Roz Purcell has revealed she’s heading to Jordan next week to help Syrian families in a refugee camp.

The ex-Miss Universe Ireland is travelling with retired rugby player Marcus Horan as part of World Vision’s Survive to Five campaign.

The Tipperary model, 23, will be helping provide aid and clean water to people fleeing war – but is worried about how she’ll react.

“This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and it will be hard not get emotional. I can’t say it won’t be nerve-wrecking because it absolutely will be,” she said.


Emotional: Roz knows Jordan will be a tough experience

“Even talking about going over, I got a bit upset watching the videos and it will be hard keeping a level head because it’s my job to come back and raise awareness about what’s going on there.

“But I’ve never been to that part of the world so that’s exciting.”

But Roz – who is dating Voice of Ireland judge Bressie – revealed she’ll have to go training in Jordan for her upcoming triathlon in Austria.

“I’m going to have to keep up the workouts in some way over in Jordan,” she told the Herald.


Relationship: Roz is planning a triathlon with Bressie

“I might have to do laps around the camp because it was a case where my trainer said, ‘No, you’re not allowed to go’, and I said, ‘I’m going’.

“This week I’ve been squeezing the last bit of training wherever I can and I think it might benefit me in the end.”