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Roz Purcell encourages people to love their bodies in candid post ahead of 2020

"Your body is not just for show, it doesn't equal your self worth..."


Roz Purcell has encouraged people to love their bodies in a candid end-of-year post on Instagram.

The former Miss Universe Ireland has been open about her own struggles with body image over the past year, after revealing her battle with an eating disorder.

Taking to Instagram today, the brunette shared a real, unedited photo of her stomach and thighs, and wrote: “We’ve got a few days before the new year and you’re going to be bombarded with messages of how you need to detox and undo your end of year celebrations, it’s probably already started.”

“I’m not here to tell you what to do with food or training. If u want to start training/exercising…. cool, eat more veg or eat differently not my business but PLEASE whatever u do….do it out of LOVE for your body NOT HATE!”

“This is the same body your going to have for the rest of your life. Don’t treat it like s**t, not fuel it right & over drive it then expect it to make you happy. Be sensible this new year,” Roz continued.

“Your body is not just for show, it doesn’t equal your self worth, the majority of bodies we see are edited, remember this next time you feel like comparing yours.”

“Lastly 2020, may it be the year you finally like yourself enough to stop being a d**k to you & your body – like really how much longer are you going to put yourself down? You’re running out of time to enjoy what life is about!”

“Big yourself up stop waiting to change to do that, no one else is you and no one is getting another shot at this!” she added.

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