Rosie Connolly shares ‘vulnerable’ photos highlighting her ‘biggest insecurity’

The influencer has been struggling with a flare up of adult acne


Rosie Connolly has bravely shared some “vulnerable” photos highlighting her “biggest insecurity”.

Last month, the mum-of-two told her followers that she had been struggling with a flare up of adult acne – and admitted it was affecting her “confidence and self worth”.

After visiting her dermatologist, Rosie was put on a treatment plan three weeks ago – and she’s already noticing incredible results.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Rosie said: “I’m coming on filter free just to show you an update on my skin, so I’m on my antibiotic three weeks from yesterday, and I cannot tell you the difference in my skin.”

Rosie continued: “I probably will share a before picture, it’s really hard to share because it’s so bad in it, and I’d been crying just before I took the pictures, so yeah it’s very vulnerable for me.”

“It’s just the worst my skin had ever been and it’s a really hard thing to put out on the internet, because it’s like my biggest insecurity.”

“I wouldn’t show anybody, I only sent it to my family WhatsApp group to show them the difference and then two friends of mine, and that’s it.”

“I just don’t even like looking at it because I can see how sad I am in the picture as well and how sore my skin is.”

“I know it’s only skin, I get that, and I know I’m going through bigger stuff at the moment,” Rosie said, referring to the fact she recently found a lump on her breast.

“But I’m just so happy with how much it’s improved, my skin texture feels incredible.”


“It’s definitely drying out, so I’m on an antibiotic and also the Roaccutane gel, I’ve been on the Roaccutane tablets before, and we’re doing this for three months to see if we can avoid going back on them, I honestly think I’m not going to need to.”

Rosie explained: “So I’ve my medication, and I have one cleanser, one serum and an SPF and that’s all I’ve used on my skin. I haven’t put any tan on my face in three weeks, and I’m not planning on putting any on my face.”


“But yeah I’m really impressed with the results so far, it hasn’t gotten worse at all, it’s only gotten better which is great because I know some medications your skin has to get worse before it gets better, but that hasn’t happened with mine.”


“So I just said I’d come on and give you an update now that I’m three weeks in. I think I’ll share the before and after picture, I probably should.”

Rosie then shared the ‘before’ pictures, and admitted her “confidence was on the floor” when she took them.

“Ok it’s up now, I can’t take it back down,” she said. “It’s just hard to share something like that because it’s very vulnerable and I know how upset I was when I took those pictures, because my skin was just so, so sore, especially after a shower.”

“But I do feel so much better now about my skin, and I’m hoping it’ll get a lot clearer.”

Rosie concluded her chat by adding: “All I can say is, if your skin is at you, really go and get help for it, because sometimes it’s something that you need extra help with.”