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Rosie Connolly reveals what kind of brand she’s launching: ‘It’s been a journey’

Rosie Connolly has revealed she’s set to launch her own fashion brand in December.

Last month, the Irish influencer told her followers that she’s been working on launching her own brand since February.

Fans questioned whether Rosie was working on her own makeup collection, or a line of jewellery – but the 30-year-old has finally revealed she’s releasing her own clothing range.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, Rosie said: “So basically you all know that I am launching my own brand, it’s honestly going to be the death of me.”

“This week has been fighting fires left right and centre. It’s just one problem after another, no joke, in terms of deliveries, samples going missing…”

“We have a photo shoot tomorrow in London via zoom, getting the stock over there it looks like it’s in Germany… it’s just been manic.”

“But I wanted to give you a little bit more information about what we are doing. We hopefully will be launching next week, but I wanted to let you know that it is a fashion brand that I am launching.”

“I think a lot of you had an idea and I can’t believe I can say this,” she continued. “A lot of you had guessed right, at least we are all on the same wavelength.”

“But I am going to let you know the name of the brand and share the Instagram and all that next week and hopefully we will be launching next week.”

“It’s been a journey. I will obviously talk more about it when we are at that stage. But these last few weeks of getting everything finalised and the website and all that has been intense…”

“Hence why I’m trying to focus on self-care and reading and trying to switch my mind off and getting in the right headspace, because it can be very overwhelming and I tend to get overwhelmed very easily so I’m trying to keep myself on the straight and narrow.”

“But it’s very exciting I cannot wait to share everything with you as I said we have our photoshoot tomorrow and I’m so excited.”


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