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Rosie Connolly reveals plans to make her fashion brand ‘more inclusive’

Rosie Connolly has revealed plans to make her fashion brand, 4th ARQ, more inclusive.

The mum-of-two launched the unisex streetwear brand last week, but some fans were disappointed by the sizing range.

After listening to people’s feedback, Rosie has promised to release larger sizes in 2021.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, the 30-year-old said: “So we originally started out with sizes 6-18, and after launching we realised that there actually is a huge demand for a broader size range…”

“So in January we’ll be introducing XL and XXL to the website, so that’ll bring us up to a size 24, so that’ll be a size range of 6-24.”

“And yeah, hopefully it’ll feel a little bit more inclusive for everybody and that everyone feels like they can shop on 4th ARQ.”

During her chat on Instagram, Rosie also explained the sentimental meaning behind the name 4th ARQ.

Rosie said she found it “really hard” to pick a name, but always knew she wanted a number incorporated somehow.


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She explained: “Myself and Paul have three kids between us, so my step son and our two kids. So we basically were like this is going to be like our fourth baby!”

“Because I don’t plan on having any more kids, for now anyway, and this is kind of what we’re putting everything into – so that’s where 4th came from.”

“And then the whole idea of ARQ, so basically when I think of loungewear I think of home, because I feel cosy and homely when I’m in them.”

“So I looked up the word ‘home’ and different words for ‘home’ and ‘ark’ came up, and I thought why not change ‘ARK’ to ‘ARQ’, just to be a little bit different.”

“And then I realised that our initials are in it as well, which is not intentional, so when you actually write it out – there’s like ‘HARQ’ for Harry Quinn, ‘RQ’ Remi Quinn, ‘RQ’ Reuben Quinn.”

“It actually wasn’t intentional, it all came from the whole idea of ‘ARQ’ being home and feeling comfortable. So there’s the story!”


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