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Rosie Connolly admits her heart ‘still hasn’t healed’ from the sudden death of her father

Rosie Connolly has admitted her heart “still hasn’t healed” from the sudden death of her father.

The Dublin native was just 18 years old when her dad Peter died as a result of drowning.

Taking to Instagram on the 13th anniversary of his death today, Rosie revealed she woke up this morning feeling “absolutely heartbroken”.

Sharing an old photo of her and her father, the 31-year-old wrote: “Some years are easier than others, but this one just hurts.”

“13 years and my heart still hasn’t healed.”

In another post, the mother-of-two encouraged her followers to cherish every moment they have with their parents.

She wrote: “Call your parents, tell them you love them, take photos with them, take endless videos, make memories, hug them dearly… never take a day with them for granted..”

“At 18, I never imagined my dad would be gone.. but his life ended way too soon and there’s so many times I wish I had taken more photos, sat longer with him, hugged him tighter..”

“Life changed forever this day 13 years ago and I feel like I’m reliving every minute of it all over again…”

“Life is f**king cruel at times, and trying to understand that ‘everything happens for a reason’ is just impossible. There’s no reason why he should be here with us now.”

Rosie then shared a video of a family member throwing a bouquet of flowers into the sea near Dollymount Strand, and wrote: “Your favourite walk… and your last journey… love you dad.”

Back in 2019, the popular influencer admitted she developed severe anxiety after the sudden death of her father.

Speaking on The Good Glow podcast with Georgie Crawford, Rosie said: “That grief never leaves you. You learn to live without that person.”

“It totally changes you. That’s when my anxiety started. My fear is of losing people close to me that I love – I constantly have that fear.”

“I’m like, ‘Things are too good to be true, they can just be taken from you’.

“That’s terrifying. It’s never left me. The more people have come into my life, the more people that I love – like my children – the bigger that fear becomes.”

Rosie shares two kids – son Harry and daughter Remi – with her husband Paul Quinn.

The 31-year-old is also step mum to Paul’s son Reuben.


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