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Rosanna Davison warns fans about dangerous crash diets

The former Miss World once followed the same fad diet as Beyoncé - and seriously regretted it


Rosanna Davison has warned fans about trying dangerous crash diets.

The former Miss World has revealed that she once tried the same diet as Beyoncé, but it ended up being “counterproductive”.

She told the Irish Mirror: “About 10 years ago I did the crash diet Beyonce was talking about where you drink a special drink made of water maple syrup and cayenne pepper.”

“I did it for five or six days and for the first few days it was pretty miserable but then I started to get used to it. But of course the minute I stopped it I ate all around me and put on more weight.”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“In five days you’re not losing much weight, just water retention, you’re so hungry when you stop it that you end up worse off.

“It was counterproductive, I know Beyonce did it for her role in Dreamgirls. I guess if you’re doing it for a movie there’s a reason for going through all the pain of it but for me it was just an experiment and I regretted it.”

“I just want to be able to help people, there are so many diets out there that are leading people on the wrong route,” she added.

The model-turned nutritionist recently completed her MSc degree from Middlesex University, and she plans to use her qualifications wisely.

In a recent interview, the 35-year-old said: “My plan is to open a nutrition clinic in the next few years… a health care clinic. It’s what I trained to do so I might as well do it.”

Rosanna also plans to release her third book, following the success of Eat Yourself Beautiful and Eat Yourself Fit.

She said: “I’ve met with the publishers and we’re looking for new ideas.. something maybe more science focused because the degree I did was a science degree.”

“I find people are really interested in it, most people know how to eat healthy and make the right choices but they want to know and are really interested in the science behind it and maybe the biochemistry behind it.”