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Rosanna Davison wants to have a baby soon before she gets too old


Newly-married Rosanna Davison has told how she wants to have a baby soon – before she gets too old.

The former Miss World said she and husband Wesley Quirke are “aware of our age” but want to go traveling first.

Asked if she wants babies now she’s married, Rosanna said: “Not very far away.

“We’re aware of our age – we’re both 30, so we want to think about it in the not too distant future. But we want to do some traveling next year and enjoy married life together.”


Married: Rosanna on the big day in Ibiza

However Rosanna is now only worried about sorting out her third wedding bash this weekend in the Powerscourt Hotel, in Wicklow – which her dad Chris de Burgh will be singing at.

“I’m not sad being back – I’ve got the next one to plan. We’re just getting on with things, I can’t do any interviews about the wedding because of the Hello! thing,” she added.

“But we’ve got the next one to look forward to this Saturday. It’s more of a party than a wedding, it’s just fun and dancing. There will be none of the wedding ceremony kind of stuff.”

Chris de Burgh and Rosanna Davison in Germany

Family: Rosanna’s dad will play at third wedding bash | VIPIRELAND.COM

And Rosanna said she feels “fine” being back from the Ibiza wedding and feels its made things more fun being married.

“It’s not massively different than before. We’re like, ‘Was something meant to change?’ It hasn’t really changed our relationship at all.

“It’s actually more fun – especially doing things together. We’re actually getting on great because you’re in it for life and you just want to get on really well together and experience lots of things together.”