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Rosanna Davison recalls being in a ‘very dark place’ after suffering multiple miscarriages

The model mum welcomed her miracle twins in November

Rosanna and her newborn son Hugo

Rosanna Davison has recalled being in a “very dark place” after suffering multiple miscarriages.

The model suffered 14 miscarriages before she welcomed her first child, Sophia, via gestational surrogate in November 2019.

The former Miss World and her husband Wes Quirke have since welcomed “miracle” twin boys, Oscar and Hugo, after the 36-year-old fell pregnant during the first lockdown last year.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the One4all Mother’s Day launch today, Rosanna opened up about the “trauma” and “loneliness” she felt when she struggled with her fertility.

She said: “You go to a very dark place at the time and so every time I would get pregnant there would be that glimmer of hope where I’d think well my due date is such and such and if this one works then we’ll have the baby at the end of the year.”

“I think as humans we keep up that level of hope. When the miscarriage would start, it would always be around the same time and I’d always get the drop in hormones and I’d be feeling less tired, and you just have to mentally drag yourself out of the hole again.”

“I’d allow myself a day or two to grieve what didn’t happen or what wasn’t to be, and then I’d say: ‘Well, let’s try again next month.'”

The mum-of-three continued: “When you’re trying to have a baby, everyone says stop trying and it will happen. In our case that’s what happened with the twins.”

“You know when you’re going through it just doesn’t work like that, I think as a woman anyways your always aware of your cycle your always aware of the window of opportunity to get pregnant and it’s very hard to switch that off.”

“Even now, we’re absolutely not trying to have a baby but I’m always aware of what stage I’m at of the month. It’s something that’s very hard to switch off after going through it for years.”

Wes and Rosanna with their newborn sons

“We just got so much support and love back from sharing our story, but really what struck me initially when we shared our surrogacy story is that so many people have gone through  fertility struggles or infertility.”

“Everyone has a different story, but I think the emotions you go through and the feelings of kind of trauma and loneliness, the feeling of everyone around you getting pregnant and it’s not happening for you – it’s a hard thing to  describe unless you’ve kind of been there.”

“I have so much empathy for anyone going through it either in the past or currently, because I just know how soul destroying it can be,” Rosanna said.


“We got so much feedback and so much love and so many messages and emails and I still do. I still do send a few emails a week to women or men looking for advice on surrogacy and  where did we go and how did we find it.”

“To open that conversation and to make it a little bit  less awkward for people to talk about has been one of the many reasons we did it.”

“I actually got an email last week from a woman who is expecting a baby through surrogacy and she said that sharing our story made it less awkward for her to explain it to other people what  she was doing and how she was doing it.”

“If it’s opened the door for other people or made  their path a little bit easier then that’s kind of why we did it,” Rosanna added.

Rosanna has teamed up with One4all for their Mother’s Day campaign, to encourage the public to celebrate the joy of motherhood and show their mum how much they appreciate them this Mother’s Day.

A new survey by the gift card company found that 86% of people have a newfound appreciation for their mum and 36% speak to their mothers every day during the pandemic.

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