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Rosanna Davison offers her advice to those struggling ahead of Mother’s Day

The model mum welcomed her first child via gestational surrogate after struggling with her fertility


Rosanna Davison has offered her advice to those struggling ahead of Mother’s Day.

The model suffered 14 miscarriages before she welcomed her first child, Sophia, via gestational surrogate in November 2019.

Rosanna and her husband Wes Quirke have since welcomed “miracle” twin boys, Oscar and Hugo, after the 36-year-old fell pregnant during the first coronavirus lockdown.

The mum-of-three has now offered her advice to women and men struggling with their fertility journey.

Ahead of One4All’s Mother’s Day launch, Rosanna told Goss.ie: “You know I can relate so much the feeling does not go away of wishing that you were the ones celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom.”

“For years I was a dog mom celebrating you know dog mom day.”

“I would always make a point to my friends who went through the same thing as me that Mother’s Day is about celebrating the mother figure in your life even if you are a mother figure to your cat or your dog or your goldfish or whatever.”

The model continued: “It’s such a difficult place to be because it’s a lonely place to be especially if you don’t have the confidence to talk about it with friends or family members.”

“I would just say what I always say is don’t give up hope.”

“I’m a great example of someone who tried and tried and
eventually it worked out for us.”

“Another thing to do is to avoid social Mother’s Day, I used to try and distract myself or go out for a walk or meet up with my own mom and make the most of the day with her I suppose.”

Wes and Rosanna with their newborn sons

“If you are particularly sensitive to mentions of Mother’s Day it can help to have a digital detox day, it can make a big difference.”

“Even around Easter time and Christmas time all these events
throughout the year are so much focused on families and children that you know it can be a difficult time for anyone going through fertility struggles.”

“So that’s the best advice I could give, a digital detox,” she added.