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Rosanna Davison knew she wanted to marry Wes – after he buried her DOG


Newly-married Rosanna Davison has revealed she knew she wanted to wed Wesley Quirke – after he buried her dog.

The ex-Miss World – above with her new dog Ted – was left devastated when family pooch Milly passed away three years ago.

“Our family dog Milly, who we’d had since I was 11, died,” she said.

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“Dad was away with work so it was just my mum, my two brothers and me and we were all utterly heartbroken, to the point where we couldn’t do anything.”

But Rosanna, 30, knew he was the man to spend her life with after he “took care of everything” during her time of need.

“He collected Milly from the vet, wrapped her up and brought her back to the family home,” she added.

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“Then he got a shovel and dug her grave next to a big tree and beside some beautiful daffodils.

“I remember my mum saying, ‘What a great guy’ and me thinking, ‘This is the guy I want to marry’.”

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