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Rosanna Davison was offered cash for seedy dates


Model Rosanna Davison has told how she has been offered massive sums for indecent proposals.

The former Miss World admitted she had received “generous enough offers” to hook up with older men.

And Rosanna, 29, revealed it was very similar to supermodel Claudia Schiffer who told this week of being offered €1 million to dine with an Arab prince.

She said: “When I was Miss World I was asked to attend a gala dinner with an older gentleman in London.

“I wasn’t offered a million, but I politely declined as it definitely felt inappropriate.

“Also just a few years ago I was invited to attend an event in Abu Dhabi for five days for a fee, and turned it down again, it didn’t appear to be an appropriate arrangement.”

claudia guess

Indecent proposal: Claudia in a recent campaign for Guess

But Rosanna – who is the daughter of Lady In Red crooner Chris de Burgh – was always afraid they were expecting sex in return for the money.

She said: “They were generous enough offers, but travel expenses, but I said no. It may seem glamourous to attend these events – but nothing exists for free.

“Wes wasn’t exactly delighted at the prospect. The offer was received on behalf of a man, but rather than attending the event as a brand ambassador, it was with him as an individual – that’s what set alarm bells off.

“Nothing was ever suggested in correspondence that was of a sexual nature, but I just didn’t feel it was appropriate.”

And Rosanna told The Star that younger models “need to be careful” not to accept money just because it is on the table.