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Rory McIlroy reveals how he proposed to Erica Stoll


Rory McIlroy has finally revealed how he proposed to his fiancée Erica Stoll in Paris, despite saying a wedding next year is unlikely due to his hectic schedule.

The 26-year-old, who has been dating Erica for over a year, finally broke his silence on the engagement after Erica was recently spotted with a sizeable sparkler on her ring finger.

The golfer revealed that his proposal plans were almost foiled due to the Paris terror attacks, but it all worked out in the end.

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Close call: Rory reveals his proposal plans were almost foiled due to Paris terror attacks | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We had planned the trip in May but we were unsure whether to go after what happened. So we decided to go and if we didn’t like it, or the mood of the place, we were going to go somewhere else,” he said.

“But when we got there, it just felt great. There were security checks as you went into the shops but people were just getting on with things.

“So we felt comfortable, and I thought if I proposed at the start of the trip it might make it even better. So we went out for dinner and that was that,” he revealed to the press during a Q&A at the European Facebook HQ in Dublin.

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Normal: Rory says Erica is a “very low key” person

Speaking about his bride-to-be, Rory admits that Erica is a very “low-key person” who enjoys normality, despite her engagement ring being rumoured to have cost around €500,000.

“I know you’ve seen Erica around tournaments a lot but we really have tried to keep it low key. She is a low-key person but she brings a level of normality to everything.

“She never wants to be the centre of attention and is always comfortable in the background. It is great having someone like that and someone who knows what it is all about, having been around the game,” he said.

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Busy: Rory is set for a busy 2016 so no wedding date is planned | VIPIRELAND.COM

On the topic of the wedding date, he said they have no plans to wed anytime soon due to Rory competing in the Olympics for Ireland and in the Ryder Cup for Europe next year.

“We’ve nothing planned right now and there is definitely no rush. It is going to be such a busy year and I don’t think anything like that [a wedding] is going to happen,” he added.

Rory was previously engaged to Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, but called the wedding off in May last year, just days after sending out wedding invitations.