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Rory McIlroy: 'I will never tell fans about my sex life again after Caroline split'

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Golfer Rory McIlroy has opened up on his split from Caroline Wozniacki, revealing: I will never talk about my sex life again.

And the Northern Irish golfer admitted he wants some time – after being the “significant other” to Caroline and ex-Holly Sweeney – by himself.

“I’m finding myself. That’s probably how I would describe it. I’m having a lot more time on my own right now; a lot more time to think,” he told the Sunday Independent.


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“With Holly and Caroline it’s sort of the first time in nine years I haven’t been in a relation- ship; that I’ve actually been on my own.

“So, I’ve got a lot more free time which has meant a lot more headspace. I’m sort of rediscovering who I am, on my own.

“It’s strange, being in a situation I haven’t known for nine years… I don’t want to seem selfish but I’m giving more attention to my own thoughts, my own needs.”

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Now Rory plans to get off social media for a while – and when he returns won’t be talking about relationships.

He said: “I don’t need every aspect of my life to be online, or out there. I’ve simply begun to take note of how other people handle their lives.”

He added: “I love people knowing about me and my game, things they’re entitled to know about me as a public figure. But not personal stuff.”