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Ronan Keating feels marriage split made him a 'stronger and better person'

Ronan Keating has admitted that his marriage split from ex-wife Yvonne Keating made him a “stronger and better person”.

The Boyzone star insisted he isn’t “proud” of cheating with Francine Cornell but did learn a lot.

“It’s been an interesting few years. Everything changed: you can’t prepare for that,” he said.

“It’s been really tough, and I’m not proud of what I did because it was wrong. I came out the other side having learned a lot, having grown up a lot.

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“It’s a cliche, I think I came out of it a stronger and better person. And it’s hard not to let things like this define you, because you can think that you’re a failure, that this is who you are now.

“It’s not. You move past your mistakes and learn about yourself, from how you pick yourself up afterwards.”

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And Ronan – who is now in a relationship with Australian Storm Uechtritz – feels it changed how he was perceived.

“I lived such a squeaky clean existence. People slagged me for being so clean-cut. And I was, really,” he told Hot Press.

“I drank, but I was never a mad partier. I never did drugs. And then suddenly this happens and everyone knows my business and my mistakes. But people know what I am now. I’m real, and I mess up.”


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