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Rob Sheehan's big brother wants to be an actor too

He’s already an award winning body builder, and now Rob Sheehan’s brother Brendan wants to be an actor.

Rob has seen huge success with Love/Hate and now his older brother wants some of the action.

“I’m in the Abbey School of Acting, I’m really enjoying it,” Brendan said.

Brendan has already appeared in two short films, and admitted he is expecting to be compared to brother Rob.

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Lookalike: Brendan says he gets mistaken for brother Rob | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It’s going to happen. Robert’s exceptional. Of course I’m sure I will be compared to him. I skype him regularly in England. He’s delighted,” explained.

Already Brendan has been compared to the actor, as people often confuse Brendan for the Love/Hate star.

“I often get, ‘You look like your man in Love/Hate’. Then if I do say, ‘Yeah, he’s my brother’, some people don’t believe me,” he told the Irish Mail On Sunday.


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